PGB with Series 5

Artist Statement

I love the way that, after selecting a palette of colours, my paintings evolve with very little conscious steering. I love the freedom of painting with cloths, palette knives and sponges, and I love the way that a finished painting emerges from a blank canvas.

For the first 50% or more of the total time that I spend on a painting, I have no idea where it's going. Eventually, the painting reveals itself to me, and I start the process of refining it. Each blank canvas is the start of a new adventure into the unknown - an exciting journey steered by my subconscious.

In other words, I slap on some paint, fiddle around with a rag, take a breather and have a look, slap on more paint, do a bit more blending, pick out a few features, add a few details, make a cup of tea, have another look, do a bit more tweaking (and sometimes go back a few stages) followed by even more tweaking and, eventually, the time feels right to stand back, knowing that the painting is finished.

When I’m not painting, I’m enjoying the country life with my wife Helen, two young daughters and an eclectic selection of pets in rural Herefordshire, on the Welsh border in the UK.



The arts have always featured prominently in Pete’s life. He grew up in Oxford, surrounded by his grandmother’s watercolour paintings, in a house that was filled with music. A musician himself, he has also spent periods of his life illustrating, cartooning and designing. This diverse artistic creativity was combined when he created and produced 26 episodes of a stop frame animated children’s television series ‘Summerton Mill’ for The BBC’s CBeebies.

Pete now lives and works in the Welsh Marches, in a remote location a few miles from Monmouth. His studio is perched on a Norman motte, once home to one of the many border castles. It is in a commanding position looking down over the river Monnow, surrounded by stunning landscape. Although Pete launches into each of his paintings with no pre-conceived idea as to where they will lead, the natural beauty of the area and the historical setting must inspire the end results, whilst providing a wonderful environment to work in.

Pete was a finalist in the Creates Gallery Emerging Artist Award, 2021. He is also a semi-finalist in The Artists Lounge's '50 Shades of Red' competition 2021 (finalists yet to be announced). His paintings can be viewed at GreenStage Gallery near Worcester in the UK - WR6 5BT and in the Michelin Guide listed restaurant in Abergavenny, The Gaff - NP7 5PE.