Our Approach

I've spent my life torn between creativity and entrepreneurial ventures. I still juggle an active business life with a number of creative activities. Given the choice, I would rather be sitting at the piano, or tucked away in a corner sketching or cartooning, than looking at spreadsheets and processing paperwork.

Our Story

What makes me tick and keeps me ticking?

New ideas and projects light my fire, but my beautiful home provides inspiration, past creative ventures have moulded me, and there's nothing like a bit of live music.

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Home sweet Home

Seclusion and wildlife

I live in a lovely old house in Herefordshire, right on the Welsh border with my wife Helen and our two daughters, Rosie and Molly - plus dog, cat, 3 rats, gerbil, goldfish and a couple of sheep. Our land slopes down to the river and is borderd by woodland. It's very pretty and unspoilt.

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Making things

In 2002, I teamed up with my great friend Ed Cookson to create and produce Summerton Mill, a stop frame animated TV series for children. We went on to make twenty-six episodes which have been seen in over 80 countries around the world. I was the driving force behind the set building, model making and script writing and was involved in all aspects of the production.

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Tinkling and strumming

When I'm not beavering away in my office/studio or sitting at the piano, I play bass for the amazing Christina Kulukundis. I also play upright bass in a gypsy jazz band.

Next Steps...

I'm happy to consider involvement in any kind of creative project, from producing a simple sketch to producing an animated series. You can contact me at pete@petebryden.co.uk or on 07831 153044.