My paintings are available through the lovely Greenstage Gallery near Worcester. They are also on display at The Gaff, a wonderful Michelin Guide listed restuarant in Abergavenny (see details below).

And you can also buy directly from me.

My NFTs are available through OpenSea. If you haven't entered that world yet, make yourself a packed lunch and allow a few hours to crawl through the swamp - and that's just to find out what they are! But don't forget that they may be really valuable one day...

Greenstage Gallery
The Hop Pocket
Bishops Frome

01885 490839

Greenstage Gallery, Worcester, UK 2020 - click image for online gallery tour

The Gaff
The Courtyard
Lion Street

01873 739310

I'm also happy to arrange private visits to my studio - please email me to discuss.