About Me

Artistic pursuits have featured strongly throughout my life. Some of my happiest days are spent painting or sitting at the piano. There's a freedom to be found when playing the piano, particularly when composing. And it's a similar feeling when working with paint. With the piano, there are no rules - melody, harmony and discord are all available tools, and, in the same way, there are no constraints when creating an abstract painting.

I often find myself being steered towards an abstract rural landscape, almost certainly inspired by the stunning view from the Norman motte on which my studio stands, with its commanding views over the Monnow valley. But I also sometimes veer towards non-representational abstract, whereby there are no recognisable features.

It intrigues me how, after selecting a palette of colours, most of my paintings evolve with very little conscious steering. I paint with cloths, palette knives and sponges, and I love the way that a finished painting emerges from a blank canvas. I often add final detail to my work with a tiny paintbrush.

You can see some of my available work at Greenstage Gallery near Worcester, at The Gaff - a wonderful Michelin Guide listed restaurant in Abergavenny, South Wales and at The Gaff in Bath.  Please have a look at my 'current exhibitions' page too.

I'm also happy to have visitors to my studio by appointment, so please drop me a line if you'd like to arrange a time to come.